Why Draw?

By Joseph Fonti / November 22nd, 2016

It’s always interesting to talk about drawing to people that draw.

It’s even more interesting to talk about drawing to people that don’t.

However it’s absolutely intriguing to speak to those that ‘would never dare’.

What is it about drawing, or a personal exploration into any creative practice for that matter, that gets so many people so incredibly skittish and giddy?

“I’m no good mate!” is the typical response I hear every time I’ve placed a pencil in a nervous hand; “Drawing? What, you mean like stick figures?”.

What inhibits each and every one of us from exploring the infinite depths of our creative potential with a level of inquiry and commitment that matches the emphasis we place on other seemingly important areas of our lives? Why don’t the majority of humans spend as much time expanding their creative minds as they do watching television, going out to restaurants or scrolling through the infinite blue void? (Facebook).


Because making art is hard, and ‘switching off’ is not.

Because making good art is even harder, and eating wood fired pizza is not.

And making brilliant art? Well, that’s as easy as the flick of a thumb.

You’d be excused for thinking I was being sarcastic.

But I’m not.


Yes, really.

Brilliant art comes from a place that cannot be described with words. It is transmitted, received by the artist, and appears in front of them, with little to no effort on their behalf.

The paradox of this situation is that, more often than not, it takes a lifetime of intensive study, listening, learning, as well as countless hours of practice and introspection to be able to decode those transmissions and ‘not get in the way’ of what wants to emerge naturally.

Continuous Line Life Drawing classes focus on coaxing out natural brilliance; using techniques that limit the chatter that our minds assault us with- leaving an infinite, open, calm space to explore.

Powerful, honest and striking imagery emerges from the depths of a mind that has ‘let go’.

Free the mind, and the hand will follow.