Who We Are

In Brief:

Continuous Line Life Drawing classes provide a platform for those seeking serious creative nourishment and expansion, in a highly charged and inspirational space.

Classes on Wednesday evenings emphasise the importance of the exploration of your line, that is, your creative signature. We encourage a departure from the technical aspect of drawing and instead focus on using risk and perception as a guide.

Strategies are offered that serve to abandon self limiting beliefs, so that the truest you can flow freely from your mind to your work. These classes are founded on the notion that great artistic expression comes from a place of natural confidence, and having the ability to translate those feelings into reality.

All Continuous Line classes are facilitated by Joseph Fonti. Joseph has spent the most part of his 28 years with a pencil in hand; drawing has provided him with a way of understanding the inner self and an external reality. He is undertaking a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT University (Melbourne), and is pursuing a career as a professional artist.

The price for non concession holders is $25, which includes all drawing materials, model, music, class facilitation (including one on one interaction). The price for concession holders is $15, and includes all of the above. Please note we accept cash payments only.

Classes are held in Fitzroy on Wednesday evenings (check the When & Where tab).

Please feel free to bring your own drawing/painting materials/sketchbooks should you like to do so.


In Full:

With regards to Wednesday evening, semi tutored classes

Classes focus on using life drawing to ‘find your line’.

The model will run through a series of poses that range from very short to moderate time frames, in a number of sitting and standing positions.

To begin with, various techniques will be explored that encourage everyone to effectively ‘break free’ from the many kinds of traps we can fall into when creating sincere art.

These pitfalls can seriously limit our ability to properly delve into a free flowing, organic mind to hand rhythm, and usually stem from very common fears such as not feeling good enough, feeling nervous, feeling as though the drawing has to be perfect, feeling as though the work has to fit into the status quo, or when comparing the ‘quality’ of your work to others around you.

Using these techniques, the goal is twofold. One – to effectively study, realise and capture the essence of the subject matter, and two – to understand that the interaction you have with the subject is quite often a very personal interaction and reflection of your own state of mind.

Truly understanding these truths leads to the confidence to explore your own style.

The ultimate goal in all Continuous Line Life Drawing classes is to free up your thinking to the point where no external or internal factors unnecessarily influence your drawing, so that there is a direct, uninterrupted flow of consciousness between you and the subject matter.