Who We Are

Continuous Line is an online platform that exists to encourage participants to explore their own unique visual languages through the humble act of drawing.

Classes encourage a departure from traditional academic theory and structures, and instead hail a reliance on each individuals implicit sense of intuition, curiosity and vulnerability in exploring their own creative signature.

Pure drawing rises up and out of us when there is no expectation for it to do so. When we inhabit a non judgemental mindset, one of self acceptance and playful inquiry, we become witness to ourselves; we are almost effortlessly able to produce work that is alive with substance, narrative and a true sense of individuality.

Continuous Line offers strategies that serve to abandon self limiting beliefs, and gently encourages participants to embrace and confidently express their thoughts, feelings and emotions onto the page in front of them.

In doing so, participants often find themselves completely engaged, and overtaken by a profound sense of satisfaction. This can have the effect of replenishing participants energy, vitality, and further invites the growth of a creative relationship with the self.

Classes are facilitated by Joseph Fonti.

Joseph has spent most of his adolescent life, and all of his adult life, engaged in creative pursuits, learning lessons the hard way, and slowly putting all the pieces together. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT University (Melbourne), although now has the insight to realise that it was only ever through the doing and making that true lessons were learned.

Art is the teacher, and we are all the students.


Classes run on Wednesday evenings, from 7pm – 9pm via ZOOM, and are donation based.

Participants have the option of drawing objects, themselves, or a loved one.

Get in touch via the Contact form and you will be sent a comprehensive list of details.